Wardrobe Consulting

Your clothes are not decoration for your closet

Do you feel like you never have anything to wear or always gravitate to the same pieces? This happens to a lot of people, many struggle with their closet even it its full of clothes. Just because its full of clothing doesn’t mean that all of those pieces are for you or suit your lifestyle. Lucia will help you understand how to make the most of what’s in your closet and fill in with items that you will actually wear and need.

We provide closet and wardrobe makeover services based on our client’s personal needs.


  • We offer personal styling, personal shopping and closet wardrobe revamping.
  • We will define your style so you will feel your best in every outfit we create
  • We will Identify your “go-to” items. What are the pieces that you always go to 1st? This is inclusive of clothing , shoes and accessories
  • Just because it fits your body doesn’t mean it fits you


  1. Schedule a call…we will talk about your style goals
  2. Discuss what your currently struggling with
  3. Steps to align your style with your life
  4. We will execute a style plan virtually or in-person
  5. Eliminate clothing that brings you down
  6. Shop for pieces that you will wear often
  7. Plan out outfits for your everyday life
  8. We will provide photos of the outfits so you can reference
  9. After booking your Wardrobe Consultation Lucia will provide you with a closet prep list to help you prepare for your wardrobe and closet makeover and maximize your time together.

10. The Makeover

A closet makeover and wardrobe styling session, where we will get rid of all of your unwanted and unflattering pieces. Sharing the tricks of the trade with you, Lucia will teach you how to create new looks with your existing clothing and accessories.

Are you ready?